We have a great deal of experience of export sales and international relationships at Pasta Foods and so our export sales team is highly experienced, adaptable and customer focused.

Our commercial and technical advisers travel the world to ensure that our customers are well supported, because, in our view, this is a partnership.

Along the way, we take care to learn about and understand your market and its demands, to enable us to develop and provide market-fit products. Our production operation is set up to handle products that will meet widely ranging tastes across regions and continents. We encourage customers to visit us, and work with us in situ to develop great new product ideas specifically tailored to their needs. Our global understanding of the snack and pasta market as a whole becomes an invaluable extension of our customers’ own marketing resource.

We take great pride in the fact that we supply the largest global players in the snack industry that you would instantly recognise as household names.

Pasta Foods’ proximity to the biggest container port in the UK, the Port of Felixstowe, makes us ideally situated for international trade. Our shipping department has close ties with major shipping lines and knows how to navigate smoothly and quickly around all the potential legal and administrative pitfalls relating to international trade, to ensure that your deliveries arrive quickly and without fuss where and when you need them.

Although we work hard at ensuring the success of our export activities, we also believe in enjoying ourselves with our customers and partners. Meeting and dealing with people and businesses from different cultures is great fun and we can always learn a lot from each other. Whether we met you in the United Kingdom, in your own country or at an international exhibition we look forward to getting to know you!


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