Product Development

Pasta Foods works closely with our clients on their new product development, helping them to respond quickly to market demands and new trends.

Our factory is well equipped with the machinery and technical know-how required to create prototypes for range extensions, product introductions or even completely new concepts. Our service is responsive and flexible and our product development team has a huge amount of experience to bring to the table.

As a starting point for any new product, we can call on an extensive range of shapes and ingredients of which we have experience and that we hold in stock. We’ll develop samples in our pilot plant before moving them, via a series of tests, to factory trial scale.

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1 Putting your thought to the test

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2 Trials and approvals

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3 Taking it to market

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Development Pasta

Our customer-oriented development team is continually working on project briefs, offering innovation and science to deliver new products for today’s lifestyles. We have considerable expertise in die design to produce precision shapes, this might be pasta animal shapes, cartoon or film characters. With over different 200 dies to choose from, Pasta Foods has a pasta shape suitable for most applications, whether it is a traditional shape for a chilled salad pot, an innovative design for canning, a quick cook product for a “pasta & sauce” a ready meal or a convenient snack meal solution… to us.

Our new product developments are creatively designed, with a commercial appreciation, necessary to ensure our pastas perform in all aspects, whether it is texture, cook time or nutritionally. Come to Pasta Foods “we want to share our expertise and provide a fast and flexible service.

Working in partnership with you, our customers, has been the back bone of our success. By understanding your market and your product requirements we can apply our skills to develop products that meets your project brief.

Development Snacks

In addition to our extensive range of snack pellets and ingredients, Pasta Foods’ development team is continually working on bespoke product development for our customers.

The snacking industry is evolving fast, and so we actively pursue innovation in healthy snacking, as well as responding to trends for shape, texture and ingredients.

Hot Air Snacks

Our belief is that ‘very low fat’ products will become mainstream as consumer demand for healthy snacking increases. And so we are at the forefront of product development in shapes and ingredients that lend themselves to Hot Air expansion. With this in mind, we have already developed products that are ideally suited to both Cretors and Torbed and we relish the opportunity to work with manufacturers who are actively pursuing this market.

Shape and Colour

We have expertise in designing snacking shapes that have real visual appeal, interesting texture and variety. We have developed shapes for dipping and themed shapes in a variety of textures and surface appearances. We take pride in making our shapes resilient.

Our natural colour systems can give snack products bright vibrant colours, or softer, muted colours, depending upon your market requirements – from toddlers (and their parents) to teens and adult markets.


Snack texture is probably the area that receives most attention in the development of a new product. While formulation plays a large role in controlling product texture, we have perfected a number of process controls that give us even more flexibility to deliver the texture you want.

Bulk Density

Bag fill is an important consumer demand and is therefore also important to our customers. We have designed a range of shapes that give a low bulk density, and hence a good level of bag fill proportionate to pellet weight. Formulation and process control give us further control over bulk density.


Across the world – through the 30 countries in which we work – its clear different countries have different flavour and texture expectations. So we accommodate that, taking care to select ingredients that appeal to each nation’s palate, and formulate them in the right way to bring out this flavour. We are continually exploring the use of vegetable powders, lentils, other pulses and cereal ingredients to offer a wide range of distinct flavours.


Developing new products is a complex process with many steps. It often takes month of painstaking work, with much attention to detail needed. Our processes are devised to support this, with rigorous testing along the way and a policy of open and continuous communication with our customers. Throughout the development period, we keep your objectives and brief in mind and take on board your comments as we go.