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Field to Fork

Experts in Procurement

Proud to deliver high-quality products from field to fork, we are experts at procuring quality durum wheat in our supply chain to deliver the best possible pasta.

Learn more about our process below.


High-quality durum wheat is harvested.


Sourced worldwide, our durum wheat is shipped directly to us in Great Yarmouth.


Our durum wheat is stored in our own semolina mills, along the Great Yarmouth dock.


The wheat goes through rigorous testing to ensure the optimum quality for our customers.


We mill the durum wheat ourselves, allowing for total control. This semolina then supplies our factory.


The semolina is used to form a dough, which is extruded into various pasta shapes.


Once extruded, the product goes through state-of-the-art drying procedures. Our production control ensures the highest possible quality product for our customers.


Before being shipped to our customers worldwide, the products undergo quality testing to ensure it is within specification. Once passed, it is then packed and ready for shipment.


The product is then packed and ready for shipment.

Vertically Integrated

Guaranteeing consistent, quality products with every delivery.

By having the only mill in the UK dedicated to semolina, along with our sites being BRC AA rated and declared egg-free, our products have been specifically designed for your processes to ensure success.

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