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Allowing total quality control, reduced food miles and full food traceability, our dedicated semolina mill, sits beside the River Yare near our factory in Great Yarmouth.

Only the best quality durum wheat is used, sourced from carefully selected regions across Europe. As well as milling semolina for our own use, we are pleased to supply a range of semolina products suitable for fresh pasta manufacturers, bakery applications, Asian sweets, extruded products, breads, pizzas, coatings and dustings.

Our range is available across the following granulation sizes:

  • Coarse – Recommended for baking, desserts, pizzas, Asian sweets and breads
  • Medium – Suited for fresh and dried pasta manufacturing
  • Fine – Suited for all pasta manufacturing, cous cous, baking and snacks
  • Superfine – Suited for larger scale pasta manufacture

We believe product integrity is key, and our mill provides you full traceability, control and quality assurance when purchasing our pasta or semolina ranges

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