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Designed for industrial use, our pasta is used in a wide range of sectors from canning, salads, instant, frozen and chilled ready meals to foodservice and wholesale operators.

How our pasta is specifically designed for industrial use:

  • Our 100% Durum wheat pasta strength can withstand all industrial cooking processes.
  • Our quality wheat is specialist sourced.
  • We have a controlled process from milling the wheat in our own semolina mill to manufacturing the finished product.
  • Our facilities are egg free and have Grade A BRC accreditation.
  • This assurance alongside our traceable supply chain results in our pasta featuring in some of best-known brands in the UK and across the world.
Pasta Manufacturing
Pasta Bag
Why use Durum Wheat for Pasta?

We use Durum wheat as it is the only wheat that has all the necessary qualities required to make pasta. Firstly, the kernels are harder than other wheat which when milled creates a granular semolina, and secondly Durum is the only wheat that has yellow pigments distributed throughout the entire endosperm rather than just the outer layers of the kernel which gives our pasta a rich yellow colour.

In addition, due to Durum Wheat having a lower water absorption and higher protein content, our pasta holds its shape better and provides the perfect al dente texture once cooked. This allows our pasta to be egg-free reducing allergens in your factory and makes our pasta suitable for Vegans.

Instant Pasta

Convenience and quick meal solutions are at the top of our consumers minds. With the need for speed and ease paramount.

Our instant pasta requires “no cooking”, it simply hydrates in 3-5 minutes with boiling water.

Our range works with snack pots, instant sachets, mug meals, pouches, microwave meals and even salads.

Our instant pasta range is available in various shapes and is made from 100% durum wheat. Providing a perfect solution to tap into this growing market.

Quick Cook Pasta

Taking only 5-8 Minutes to cook, this range of pastas are a great option for pasta and dried sauce concepts, or to simply reduce the cook time within your process.

Theme Shapes

We supply a range of fun themes.

Creating the base of your pasta dishes
Design your customers perfect dish
Pasta With Parmesan And Caper On Wooden Table
Pasta With Olive And Parmesan On Timber Background
Pasta With Parmesan And Caper On Wooden TablePasta With Olive And Parmesan On Timber Background
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